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FOR4IGN's mission goes beyond just creating great music. He aspires to make people feel safe through his art, using his music as a means to provide solace and comfort. By infusing his songs with authenticity and vulnerability, FOR4IGN creates a welcoming space for listeners to connect, offering a refuge where they can find solace and a sense of belonging.
People know me by Joe or FreeJoe, I’m an artist and a model. I’ve been in love with music since I could remember, I’ve been rapping and writing songs since elementary school but I’ve been doing music more seriously for the past 3 years. My goal is to free everyone from the shackles of their thoughts and touch the souls and hearts of others. Come along on this journey to take over the world with me and my family KAIDES.
From small town Misinto, Italy, to big time Miami, Florida, he has evolved and honed his artistry ever since a young boy. The Teddy Bear Don, The rebellious spirit, The visionary, MONTi continues to break through the mold and showcases just how different he wants to be, in his own unique way…
Meet Frankie, a versatile and passionate storyteller whose love for writing has ignited a multifaceted journey into the realms of literature and visual storytelling. With a primary focus on writing, Frankie has seamlessly woven narratives across various mediums, including books, scripts, and content creation, showcasing a profound dedication to the art of storytelling.

Tru is a clothing brand owner, designer, all-around creative & music connoisseur. I own a clothing brand named TRU2SELF, which focuses on/creates visuals through clothing and accessories on the importance of HumanSelf encouraging all to remove the mask of the Ego, embrace all emotions and characteristics of Self, and step into who they are fully and truly.

Nick is a passionate creative dedicated to empowering fellow visionaries in expressing and sharing their purpose. With a focus on social media strategy, content creation, and photography, Nick's mission is to unlock the full potential of creatives and help them translate their unique visions into impactful and visually compelling narratives. 
Hey there my name is Joel Woerdings, I’m a photographer based out of the 954, In my 3 years of experience with photography I have focused mainly on capturing the most honest portraits that I can of those special few who find themselves in front of my lens. It would be difficult to describe my style of photography, though I do feel as though it leans towards melancholy. My goal in the future is to become an editorial photographer.

Meet Malik a multi disciplinary artist and talent manager. As a music industry professional, Malik has worked as a Talent Buyer for Live Nation and C3 Presents, booking concerts and working festivals across the country. As he looks to expand his experience in all forms of the art world, Malik aims to advocate for the artists and creatives that are underrepresented, ungodly talented and has a voice that deserves to be heard.